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Let Us Show You How To Save Money on Your Bathroom Renovations!

We find that many people looking for a company who offers bathroom renovations are also looking for a way to save money on their renovation. That’s when we show them our Bathroom Rejuvenation service! So don’t go looking for a company who offer bathroom renovations – come and see us and let us help you avoid a costly bathroom renovation with our Bathroom Rejuvenation service!

Don't Pay Thousands for New Bathroom Renovations!

When Maybe All You Need Is A Rejuvenation - Which is much more Cost Effective!

Reclaim The Lost Value of your Home or Investment Property.

Are you selling, leasing or thinking of a Bathroom renovation for your property? Or maybe you’re looking to improve your tired old-looking bathroom? 

We provide a comprehensive bathroom rejuvenation service, this will replace the cost of a bathroom renovation. For property owners, this service typically delivers a high return on investment. When it comes to potential buyers or renters, there are few things that so profoundly create doubt as a sub-standard bathroom.

Your Bathroom creates a strong first impression.

Bathrooms are one of the most powerful indicators of the maintenance and workmanship of a house overall. It has been our experience that no amount of front-end marketing to bring buyers or renters into a house will undo the damage of a disappointing walk-through experience; and there are few things that disappoint quite so profoundly as a clearly unmaintained or problem-infested bathroom.

Don't Let a building inspection devalue your property.

Prior to making an offer or bidding at an auction it is common practice for a potential purchaser to get a building and pest inspection. These inspections can be very detailed and are often written in a way that worries potential purchasers. Often a water meter is used in wet areas such as bathrooms and any high water levels detected will lead to a very negative report.

Our service is designed to fix problems and lift the aesthetic appearance of your property. If that’s what you’re looking for simply call 1300 123 008 or complete the Contact Request Form. We look forward to speaking with you.

Your Bathroom ‘Nasties’ Solved - without a Costly Bathroom Renovation!

We all want to avoid the cost of bathroom renovations. You have used your bathroom time and again, you might not pick up on problems or potential issues that are right before your eyes. They blend into your view, yet to a fresh and critical eye they may be obvious. For this reason, when you pursue an inspection of your property, we encourage you to undertake a very deliberate and discerning investigation. Of course we’re happy to help with that also. When you inspect your bathroom, or you request us to assess your needs, these are some issues worth checking.

Re-grout and Avoid Bathroom Renovations!

Most people will readily inspect a shower floor,  However a discerning eye will go further. It is worth looking for cracks, dirt, mould and deterioration in the grout – not only within the shower, but also on walls, floors and especially in corners and areas not typically viewed. Re-Grouting will help you avoid Bathroom Renovations!

Renew Seals to Avoid Mould Problems

An area often overlooked for inspection is that of seals; especially in regards to the quality of existing silicon seal. As with grouting, most people remember to check the insides of showers, however it is important that seals throughout this highly moisture laden room are inspected in a broader manner. 

The junction seals on the floor perimeter and wall junctions should be inspected for cracks, mould or sections that may have not been sealed correctly or missed earlier. Bath surrounds and the seals surrounding vanity splash-backs are also often forgotten. 

It is recommended you also cast a discerning eye in this direction. Any formal deterioration, mould for cracking may indicate a more potentially significant problem. These are the sorts of things that a discerning viewer will detect. 

Renewing seals will also save you from dreaded bathroom renovations.

bathroom renovations bathroom renovations

These are the problems that we solve Every Day - Without Costly Bathroom Renovations!

If you’re selling your home, this may be one of the most significant pre-sale processes you engage in. If you appreciate having a spectacular bathroom, then this service will make your home more homely. If you appreciate the benefits of fixing a problem before it gets out of control, this service may also head off a potentially larger problem at a later date. Don’t be forced into costly bathroom renovations, ask us about our rejuvenation services today!

This really is a no-lose service, so you would like to avoid Bathroom Renovations and benefit from this highly affordable yet high yield service, phone Andrew or Ryan on 1300 123 008, or complete the Contact Request Form on this site.
Our Reviews!
09:09 19 Jan 21
The quoting team and Renee were great but a few small issues with the repairs. Had our shower waterproofed and re-tiled and walls re-grouted.Some bits of grout were missed or just cleaned, this became apparent after about 2 months when it discolored. Not too worried as i know its easy to miss bits when you're looking at a wall of white.One of the hob tiles had a very small chip which had been hidden with a blob of grout, again didn't find this until after a few cleans when it came off.The floor tiles weren't cut to line up with the wall tile grout lines, again not a major deal but it would have been nice as this is how it was originally and wouldn't have been hard.I had supplied 2 boxes of tiles which were torn open and then not used leaving me with 2 stacks of tiles and no box to store them in.Again office staff were great but tradesman could have paid a bit more attention to detail (yes i know i am picky but I'm also a tradie and expect others to work to my standard) and mainly wasn't impressed with the hidden chip.
Craig Wilson
Craig Wilson
23:20 20 Dec 20
We used SealRITE for two leaking shower repairs in southern Sydney. We had previously booked a cowboy who was completely useless to deal with and it was impossible to trust him because he wouldn't communicate on even the most minor of issues. We were landlords and did not have access to the property to monitor what was happening which was very disconcerting. We switched to SealRITE as soon as we could and they were so professional from the first moment until the job was done. It was just wonderful. If you are a landlord and need some waterproofing and shower fix done i would recommend SealRITE for piece of mind and a smooth job.
Brad Owen
Brad Owen
00:49 15 Dec 20
SealRite has been a pleasure to work with. The team was professional at all times and worked to my needs and provided a 5 star finish.
Marie F
Marie F
06:10 10 Dec 20
We live by the Cronulla oceanfront where salt ans winds and sun cause major deterioration to our balconies. Sealrite were so professional and thorough! All of the workmen involved were courteous, efficient and communicated each step of the way. Renae coordinated all the works with myself and my neighbours and kept us informed allthe way. Highly recommended!
Taryn C
Taryn C
00:27 09 Sep 20
SealRite repaired our shower after the waterproofing had failed. The tradesman was fantastic. On time, professional, courtesy of us and making sure we were happy, barely took a break all day for 3 days. We were so impressed. Our experience was great and we would highly recommend.
Van Trinh
Van Trinh
09:14 08 Sep 20
I evaluated a number of regrouting services prior to going ahead with SealRITE. They were professional, explained the process in detail, catered to my urgency needs and assured me i wouldn't be disappointed. The job was fantastic and it exceeded my expectations. Will definitely use them again
Greg Eves
Greg Eves
12:23 11 Aug 20
An amazing experience with this company. On time, helpful, neat & tidy.I rang the CD to compliment him for my experience and he asked if I would complete a review on line, I answered it would be my pleasure !
Amanda Blue
Amanda Blue
03:07 17 Mar 20
They recently repaired my shower. They were really lovely on to deal with. Explained everything that was going to happen and kept me informed every step. The guy that came to my house was on time and left everything very clean and tidy. The shower look fantastic and is no longer leaking into my kitchen below. Highly recommend. Always happy to refer good local companies.
Lauren Thomas
Lauren Thomas
09:45 16 Jun 19
Our shower looks brand new and I am very happy with the job. It was a pleasure to deal with this company. From the very pleasant and helpful Lesley and Amanda who I spoke to on the phone, to Ryan who quoted the job and Dominic who carried out the work, explaining what he was doing at each stage of the job. He even wiped his shoes with a chux each time he had to step outside the bathroom so he didn't walk any dust or debri through the home. I highly recommend this company.
Leonor Martins
Leonor Martins
09:15 16 Jun 19
SealRITE Solutions repaired our shower and did an amazing job. Stopped the leak and shower looks like new again.