Leaking Shower Repairs Sydney

Whether it's a frightening storm, your shower waterproofing or just a busted pipe, water can result in massive damages in your home.

A surprise water leak due to leaking shower waterproofing in your bathroom can likewise result in severe issues. Issues like water damage in the bathroom and surrounding rooms. These can have severe results on the structural stability of your bathroom. Not to mention a hike in water costs!

Got a stuffy, earthy or mouldy smell?

A common indicator of leaking shower waterproofing is a musty odour similar to what you might discover in an old basement. This earthy aroma indicates water is collecting with no way to dry. Constantly flowing, the water lacks the needed conditions for evaporation.

It’s important to note this odour is only a sign, not the real issue, and a strong hint that at least one of the following concerns are taking place.

  • 1. Water is originating from the shower floor surface

    If the leakage is coming directly from your shower floor, it's sometimes difficult to tell. However, if you notice watermarks on the ceiling (from a bathroom situated upstairs), this is a severe warning. To inspect, clean your shower floor, let it dry, and then cover the drain with duct tape. Fill the shower with water and wait about 15 minutes to see if water kinds on the ceiling listed below. The concern is likely related to a poorly sealed or cracked shower tray or base if so.

  • 2. Your shower is leaking from the drain hole

    Drain issues are rather typical when it comes to plumbing associated leakages. Repair this part of your shower after inspecting the shower floor surface circumstance. Eliminate the duct tape and let the water drain as you inspect thoroughly for leaks. It may just be a simple matter of replacing the drain, an economical and simple procedure. A skilled plumber can do this for you if not sure about removing and changing your shower drain.

  • 3. You have complications with grouted tiles

    Chances are it could be an outcome of missing or cracked grout between tiles. Once you've verified the leaking shower is not related to the drain or shower tray. Splash or spray a little water on one wall of the shower at a time, looking for leaks as you go. These are the likely offenders when you have a leakage in a tiled location. This needs to be fixed to fix your leaking shower waterproofing issue.

  • 4. Your pipes are causing issues

    Water seeping through the ceilings or walls is not always due to a leaking shower base. Oftentimes, you may face an issue with your pipes behind the walls or under the floor. Or you might have a problem with a fitting that needs to be replaced. The bad news is, you might have to rip out part of the floor or walls to get access before fixing the issue.

  • 5. You have water on your bathroom floor.

    Puddles of water pooling on your bathroom floor surface after a shower are in all probability due to a dripping shower door. Shower doors rely on excellent seals and a tight fit to stop water from breaching the shower area and entering your bathroom.

  • 6. High water bills

    A month-to-month billing that shows more water consumption than anticipated might be the outcome of a shower waterproofing leakage. Protecting a bathroom shower leak repair ought to help stabilise your costs.

Dealing with leaking shower waterproofing can be demanding. Particularly when you find the cause is something that can’t be fixed without professional help. Don’t freak out. We’re experts at providing leaking shower repair Sydney wide.

A SealRITE Solutions shower waterproofing repair service is an effective, budget-friendly method to detail all areas within the leaking shower recess, preventing additional water penetration and the resulting unattractive and pricey damage.

To inspect, clean your shower floor surface, let it dry, and then cover the drain with duct tape. Fill the shower with water and wait about 15 minutes to see if water forms on the ceiling below. Securing a bathroom shower waterproofing repair doesn’t need to be expensive.

Dealing with leaking shower waterproofing can be stressful. We’re experts at providing leaking shower repairs Sydney wide.