Is a bathroom update on the cards? Have you ever thought about a bathroom update? Have you noticed things that you don’t adore about your bathroom since you’ve been spending more time at home? You don’t have to jump right into an overhaul. You can refresh your bathroom on a budget. Check out our quick tips for a simple and effective bathroom update.


Tip 1: Deep Clean

Before you set out on redecorating or doing small repairs on your bathroom, give it a deep clean and declutter. This means getting out the scrubbing brush, gloves, paper towel and cleaning products and putting some real elbow grease into the job. You will notice a huge difference straight away if you commit to do it properly.

Safety First Tip: Check the use-by date on all your products and get rid of any that are no longer safe to use. This will also immediately free up more storage space in your bathroom and will make you feel like you have already accomplished something! Great motivation to keep going.

A fresh and clean bathroom provides you with a blank canvas to help you map out what updates you want and need to make. You’ll also have the opportunity to notice some of the details that need your attention during your update. This is also the time to address any nasty issues such as a leaking shower recess needing repair, cracked tiles and missing grout.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to clean the grout!