Have you ever given serious consideration to renovating your bathroom? When was the last time the bathroom was updated? Has it ever been updated since the day you purchased your home? Many consider bathroom renovation cost to be enormous as the norm. It doesn’t have to be this way!

Try a Bathroom Rejuvenation!

You may be able to go with a rejuvenation approach to your bathroom to give it that fresh appearance.  We at SealRITE Solutions can show you the way and explain what a rejuvenation is all about.  The rejuvenation work we do instead of bathroom renovations is about making the most of what you have, without a full remodel – or the high Bathroom Renovation cost!

What the Bathroom Rejuvenation Service is All About

Have you ever considered a bathroom rejuvenation service?  How is it different than a standard remodelling project?  You may have had dreams of doing a bathroom renovation, but the Bathroom Renovation cost could have killed that dream.  

If you have fallen into that category, our bathroom rejuvenation effort may be for you!  You are going to get the benefits of a brand new bathroom for just a piece of what a complete bathroom renovation cost would have been overall.  Save money and make that bathroom look brand new again in the process.

The whole premise of a bathroom rejuvenation is to try and bring out what is excellent in the current space.  There is probably a lot of good still in your bathroom; you just need to let it shine once again.  It may be a matter of changing a vanity, some fixtures, a bathtub or a shower screen and door.  You are leaving the core of the bathroom in place, just leaving the good and swapping out the bad or dated for something that is a bit more refreshing.

Examples of a Rejuvenation Project Goals

A prime example will be the grout on the shower floor. When was the last time that the grout was either adequately cleaned or just re-grouted? Grout can crack and build up dirt or mold over time. Renewing the grouting as part of the rejuvenation project can make the tiles look brand new again. Even the seals around the bathroom can have an impact on the perceived value and lower the level of maintenance. What is the quality of the existing silicon seals that you have? People are going to check these areas when they are inspecting your house for rent or purchase in the future. The seals can be replaced very quickly and can do a lot to making the area look cleaner, more well-maintained.

Rejuvenate the Paint

It may just take a little rejuvenation of the paint job to get a lot done in your bathroom. Painting the walls can do a lot to rejuvenate the bathroom from floor to ceiling. We can help by providing advice so that you know the design will all come together in the end. Bathroom rejuvenation is a bathroom renovation project, just more straightforward with much less Bathroom Renovation cost!

Make the Most of the Fixtures

Ever thought about how easy it is to switch out light fittings? Swapping out light fittings can do wonders for the perceived value of your bathroom. When you swap out light fittings, the cost is usually going to be minimal and the gains you get are extensive. Adding light to the bathroom space can be a real value-add. When you light a bathroom adequately, it can help to accentuate all of the good that the area possesses. With the latest in eco friendly lighting fixtures you can save money on your energy bill too!

Lower your Bathroom Renovation Cost

The combination may not seem like it makes sense, but you can renovate a bathroom at a great price through opting for a rejuvenation. Your bathroom renovation cost does not have to be high. Try our service, one that is budget-friendly, and go with our approach. Bathroom rejuvenation services are all about taking what you already have in the bath space, highlighting the good, and taking care of the bad. You don’t have to gut the bathroom, bring it down to the studs and rebuild it just to make it look brand new again. You can rejuvenate with what you have and save a lot of your hard-earned cash in the process.

Benefits When Selling or Renting

You get a lot of benefits when you choose to rejuvenate instead of a full bathroom renovation.  When you decide to rejuvenate the bathroom, you are going to be working to increase the value of your space.  You may be in a situation where you are renting out your house or looking to sell it on the real estate market.  No matter what the goal may be, rejuvenating the bathroom will increase what your perceived value and as a result your asking price.

Rejuvenate a bathroom that looks tired and dated.  The bathroom rejuvenation service we offer at SealRITE Solutions is ideal for property owners due to the large return on investment.  When you have potential buyers or renters looking at the space, you want the bathroom to look its best.  It is that area, along with the kitchen, which makes or break the value or any property.  Use our bathroom rejuvenation service in place of a bathroom renovation to maximize your return on investment.

Leave Quality Plumbing Alone

You probably have perfectly fine plumbing behind the scenes.  Why mess with any of this if you do not have to?  When you start to replace, move pipes as part of the project your bathroom renovation cost can get out of control.  You want to leave those pipes alone if there is nothing wrong with them.  Work with the plumbing that exists as a way to save big money on the rejuvenation project.

The bathroom rejuvenation service we provide at SealRITE Solutions is second to none.  We can take a bathroom that looks tired and brings it back to life, making it better than ever, for a fraction of what a full bathroom renovation cost would be.  Take advantage of our rejuvenation service, have your bathroom renovation swapped for a rejuvenation.  


Let your bathroom shine again and take in all of the gains, aesthetic and financial, that come with it!