essential spring home maintenance

We all know that when spring rolls around everyone gets in a ‘spring cleaning frenzy’. What a lot of people commonly neglect is general maintenance checks of their house. What good is it to spring clean your bathroom is your shower is still leaking and causing water to constantly cover the ground? Or, why go to all that effort to still have patchy or missing grout? Essential repairs and refreshes also apply to balcony areas which will surely be getting used a lot more as the weather starts to warm up.

Bathroom Repair Essentials

If you’re a spring-cleaning enthusiast, great! Surely you will have noticed in the past things in your bathroom that could use more than just a thorough clean. A few common areas of neglect include grout, tap fittings and mildly chipped or cracked tiles.

When it comes to grout, the process of cleaning is actually what makes it appear dirty! As grout is a porous material, dirt tends to get stuck in it when we clean or scrub the surrounding tiles. The other downside to this is that it can promote the growth of bacteria. The solution? Hire a professional to seal the grout who will choose the most appropriate solution for the area and ensure the process is done properly.

Overtime taps may become loose or the handles start to turn more than they initially did. Replacing the washers in your taps is a simple fix and one that should be done especially if your tapware has been in place for quite a while. If you have a more serious problem like a leak then it’s time to call in the experts (like SealRITE Solutions) who will come in, assess the situation and offer you a solution.

Cracked and chipped tiles not only ruin the appearance of your bathroom, but they can be problematic too. This is because water can run into the cracks and start to cause damage to the surrounding areas if there is a poor or no waterproofing membrane or reduce the longevity of the waterproof membrane. This is an issue you’ll want to get sorted fast so you can prevent further or more serious damage from occurring.

Balcony Repairs

Now that the sun is starting to provide some warmth we’re sure you’ll want to be enjoying your balcony a little more! We continually stress the importance of ensuring your balcony is assessed by an accredited and licensed professional to ensure the solution applied is appropriate and effective. Due to the nature of a balcony, you want to be sure it is structurally sound.

Much like bathroom tiles, you may notice that some of your balcony tiles are cracked or chipped and this issue poses the same threat that it does in a bathroom, water entering these cracks can cause damage to surrounding areas and the waterproof membrane if one was applied.

When cleaning your balcony, take note of any loose or cracked tiles, including the skirting tiles. Then, call the pros, they will identify the cause of the leak and can determine the level of damage caused to the waterproof membrane if one exists.

If your balcony is in tip-top shape but needs more of a cosmetic lift, re-grouting and sealing can help freshen up the area.

Bathroom Rejuvenation

If you embark on your annual spring clean and feel defeated before you even begin cleaning your bathroom, then it is time to consider a full rejuvenation. The SealRITE Solutions Bathroom Rejuvenation service is cheaper than a full rejuvenation and the perfect solution to help you achieve a refreshed and beautiful new bathroom. Say goodbye to tacky 80s tiles, temperamental taps, dodgy grout, and most importantly, leaks!

You can learn more about our Bathroom Rejuvenation service here.