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We appreciate the challenges that you face on a daily basis and without fail represent our strata and real estate clients well. 

Every team member has the experience and people skills to deal with sometimes challenging tenants, committees and Strata law technicalities. We are always professional and pleasant to all parties involved regardless of the situation.

We’re friendly, honest, reliable and cost-effective experts!

We Solve Problems. Not Create Them.

Strata and investment properties are a professional responsibility that demand a high level of professionalism.

The people there, just like you, are entitled to a professional and caring service. You don’t need slapdash tradies, inferior products, bogus warranty inferences, or top-down quality-squeezing approaches to pricing or support.

We always have you and your client’s best interests at heart.

So, What Makes Us Different?

Our Promise Is To:

  • Protect And Enhance Your Brand As We ‘Go The Extra Mile’

    We understand that what we do reflects on your business reputation. We are happy to invest the time to explain issues and procedures. When appropriate we attended strata meetings to field questions, explain upcoming works or resolve problems. We are here to help! You can rely on us to treat your clients professionally and courteously, and to work with you in a way that accommodates your needs and gives you the freedom to relax. You will soon come to realise, that once the problem has been handed to us, that problem will be solved.

  • Defuse Potentially Volatile Situations

    As a business that seeks to deliver both service and quality you can rest assured that your tenants, clients and contacts will ‘feel the love’. And for those who are, well, shall we say ‘prone to being a touch difficult’ – these will be sensitively handled. We’ve seen a lot in our years, and we know what is wise and unwise, both in terms of our words and our actions.

  • Before And After Photos

    Included with every quote sent is photos of the problem and any damage to the property. Often a video inspection report is also included, in particular if the issue is complex. When the job is finished, you will then receive progress and completion photos. We find that clients are very appreciative of this, in particular if they have not been to the property for an extended period of time or have been burnt by a tradie in the past.

  • Knowledge of Strata And Property Law

    We are aware of the procedural and legislative issues that govern our industry. For example, we know that the strata company is not responsible for internal walls, shower screens, taps etc. Therefore, we can advise regarding those issues separately. Also, even though we understand the legalities at play in any situation, we recognise that we are not there to give legal consultations. We are there to do the repairs or work assigned and all our team have been thoroughly trained and are competent in navigating issues of potential contention.

  • Genuinely Caring, Integrity Driven and Hands-On Leadership

    We started this business because we were sick of working with, and for, dodgy operators. In fact, even the honest ones who screw-down their tradespeople are difficult to work for. When the resource margins in this trade are over-squeezed, work quality and client relationships inevitably suffer.

    Some larger companies also employ ‘Sales Reps/Consultants’ that are dollar-driven due to sales targets needing to be achieved to make ends meet. Such people can easily inaccurately assess a job, ignore major issues, over quote or underquote. There can also be a temptation to oversell relevant warranties in order to make a quick sale and deal with the consequences later. These failures create significant problems for the people actually doing the work, as well as you, the Property or Strata Manager and the owner.

    We’re ‘hands-on’ team leaders. We do the assessments, quoting, lead our team on-site and follow up to ensure satisfaction has been achieved. We are also the only people you’ll need to deal with! We came together with a united conviction that integrity-in-business matters – and we live it. The assessment will be correct, the quote fair and the disclosures on all matters will be absolute.

  • Reliable And Experienced Technicians

    A tradesperson who lacks motivation, communications skills or hands-on experience can do enormous damage; not only to the property, but also to your relationship with tenants, other clients and contacts. They can also cause significant and unnecessary expense.

    Rest assured, our people are skilled, qualified, continuously trained, experienced and usually working under our direct supervision (Andrew and Ryan – Directors). We are all devoted trade-technicians.

  • Only Using The Best Products and Materials In Our Industry

    The highest quality products and materials are a must in our industry as we are resolving issues that can cause significant damage to such a huge asset. These products go hand in hand with the correct diagnosis of the issue and the skills/workmanship to fix it.

    One trait of this industry (which we find hilarious) is that companies claim to have an ‘exclusive product’ that no-one else can access. It is similar to a building company claiming to have their own exclusive concrete, timber and paint! The best building companies source the best materials and have the best tradesman working with them. This is what we do from the tools that we use to the products/materials that we apply.

  • Quality Standards and Communications Assurance

    No detail is dropped or forgotten in our workflow or procedures. Why not? There is no passing of responsibility. The person who assesses your job is a co-owner in the business, hands-on in service delivery and team leadership, and there to assess quality and satisfaction when the journey ends.

    The only people you’ll deal with directly are Andrew, Ryan (as Co-Directors and tradesmen who also work onsite) or Lesley (our Operations Manager).

  • Commitment to On-time and On-Budget Delivery

    We have developed a reputation for delivering according to schedule and without price variation. Partly, this happens because when we quote, as experienced tradesmen ourselves, we can see what is necessary. If there is any potential for additional costs or work required (e.g. a plumbing issue or replacing rotten timbers that cannot be inspected before the work starts) this is brought up in the original quote. We appreciate the reputation we’ve gained and we are committed to maintaining it.

    We’re committed to providing all our customers with the streamlined and painless experience that they deserve. We believe that engaging a contractor, paying for a service, and getting what you paid for, should not be a trial.

  • Bankable Guarantees and Warranties

    We are proud members of the Australian Institute of Waterproofing, and follow industry Best Practice procedures. We can guarantee that our service and our standards are second to none. What’s more, we provide solid guarantees and warranties, even though we don’t expect you’ll ever need them. A two-year guarantee applies to non-structural repairs, and for structural work your guarantee extends to six years.

    Having worked in this industry for more than 25 years combined, we appreciate that there can be significant stress in a Real Estate and Strata Manager’s life. We have seen your pain, and have designed our processes to cause as little disruption to your day as possible.

    Our goal when working with your clients and sites, as you will have seen written elsewhere, is to solve problems not create them. We devote the same dedication to preserving your business brand and reputation as we do to our own.

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