Leaking Shower Repairs Sydney


Leaking Shower Repairs Sydney

SealRITE offers leaking shower repairs Sydney wide. SealRITE solutions has established their reputation for both effective and affordable shower sealing services.

Before Shower Repair

After Shower Repair

The Importance of an Accurate Assessment

There are a variety of ways to seal a leaking shower. Selecting the correct method is critically important to ensuring the repair is both effective and durable.

For this reason, you should always ensure the person conducting the initial assessment of your problem is not merely a sales representative. You want a certified and experienced expert evaluating your situation. We will give you that peace of mind.

Your inspection report will explain not only why the leak occurred, but also the rationale behind the solution we are suggesting. These professional quotes are of course obligation free and free of charge. Its a good thing we specialise in leaking shower repairs sydney wide!

How We Specialise in Leaking Shower Repairs Sydney Wide!

The particulars of how we repair and seal your shower vary from job to job as there is no ‘one repair fixes all’ method. We will discuss the different options available to tailor the service to the problem and your expectations. In many cases the issue can be resolved without having to remove tiles however this option will not resolve the issue if there are cracked, loose or drummy tiles.

All the work processes comply with relevant Australian Quality Standards (AS3740) and are warranted and guaranteed.

Leaking Shower Sealing Service

A leak from a shower area can appear in many different locations including to the level below, through the walls to the surrounding areas and at the entrance to the bathroom. If you are dealing with a leak there is excessive amounts of water penetrating under the tiled surface which tracks to the weakest point of resistance hence the leak.Its a good thing we specialise in leaking shower repairs sydney wide. The repair process can vary depending on the type and condition of the tiles however as a general summary, if we are dealing with a solid and movement free structure, the sequence of events is as follows:

  1. Existing grout and silicon is removed to the floor, waste and perimeter junctions.
  2. New high grade full epoxy (non-porous) grout is applied.
  3. Wall grout is cleaned and/or replaced depending on condition
  4. Flexible seal applied to wall/wall junctions
  5. Gap around tap spindles sealed (where possible)
  6. Silicon to the inside of the shower screen replaced
  7. We tidy up!

Re-tiling, Re-Waterproofing and Sealing Service

As previously mentioned if there are cracked, loose or drummy tiles a ‘seal’ option will quickly fail. It takes a lot of pressure/force to crack a fixed floor or wall tile. With regards to loose or drummy tiles there are many reasons which could cause this including not enough of or the wrong glue being used, the screed under the floor tiles being too soft, the wall sheeting behind the tiles being rotten or not fixed properly etc. Where this is the case the process typically the following sequence:

  1. Floor, base of the wall (as a minimum) and hob tiles are removed.
  2. The cement bed (screed) is assessed and removed as required.
  3. The subfloor and walls are assessed, if additional work is required a report and quote will be provided ASAP to client.
  4. A new waterproof membrane is applied as per AS3740 including the use of bond breakers (flexible bandage)
  5. New cement screed is applied as required.
  6. New tiles are supplied and fitted.
  7. New high grade full epoxy (non-porous) grout is applied to the floor, waste and perimeter junctions
  8. New metal floor waste installed and sealed
  9. Walls grouted
  10. Tap spindles sealed
  11. Shower screen re-installed (where possible) and sealed
  12. We tidy up!

As already inferred, we follow best industry practices, and wherever possible, we aim to exceed these. Relevant Australian Quality Standards (AS3740) are applied and our work all is all confidently and appropriately warranted and guaranteed. Its a good thing we specialise in leaking shower repairs sydney wide!

Regrout Service

If your desire is to improve the appearance of your shower, you may only require a regrout service. This involves:

  1. Removing existing grout.
  2. Cleaning dust and debris from joints.
  3. Applying specialised grout to tile joints.
  4. Installing a new flexible seal where there is movement
  5. Tidying up!

If you have a question, or to request an obligation free assessment, contact us. You will speak with business principals Andrew or Ryan. We work professionally and passionately to deliver consistent standards, we know each other’s skills and therefore we serve you with confidence. Our team specialise in leaking shower repairs Sydney wide. We can also fix Leaking Balconies

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