Ignoring The Need For Leaking Balcony Repairs Can Cause Damage to the Building And Your Health!

The 1st Choice For Leaking Balcony Repairs Sydney Wide!

SealRITE Solutions offers leaking balcony repairs Sydney wide. In addition to the obvious annoyance caused for yourself and those who share your building, the structural damage that can take place from a balcony leaking is significant. Not only can this damage be structurally profound, but if left unattended for long enough, risk to human life and extraordinary expense is possible.

So, Why Do You Need Leaking Balcony Repairs?

There’s no single answer to this question because the circumstances of every leaking balcony are unique.

Balconies face an extreme range of weather conditions, and the amount of building movement that occurs due to temperature shifts or building settlement can be significant. For this reason, assessing the situation is not always straightforward.

Some of the more common reasons for leakage include:

  • Porous and deteriorated grout.

  • Cracks in perimeter and skirting tile seals.

  • Waterproof membrane failure.

  • Tile breakage and movement.

  • Poor drainage and fall towards drainage.

  • Doorway and balustrading issues.

To correctly diagnose a leaking balcony issue takes experience and thorough knowledge of the construction process. It also takes time to properly assess the balcony and the surrounding areas to identify other potential issues.

Other issues surrounding the balcony (as it is not always the balcony which is the issue) include air-conditioning pipes/wiring penetrating into the walls which have not be sealed, doors (in particular sliding doors) which have been incorrectly installed, weep holes being blocked in the brick walls etc.

The ‘Critical’ First Assessment

As with leaking showers, the accuracy of the initial assessment on your leaking balcony repair is critical. Not only can the effectiveness of the solution be affected, but the integrity and cost-effectiveness of pricing may be as well.

The Assessment and Quote Should be by a Licenced Professional

Obviously, any serious assessment must be carried out by somebody who is qualified and experienced. For this reason, we suggest that you ask to see the licence certification of any person assessing this type of work. This is not an unreasonable request. If it is not a licensed and experienced tradesperson, then you should insist on somebody else doing the assessment. This is work you do not want to cut corners on!

Their waterproofing licence certification should also show their personal name on it. Businesses in our industry require a licence for the entity itself. This does not however ensure that the person assessing and quoting is licensed themselves. Look for their name on the licence and accept nothing less!

The Quote Should be Detailed and Precise For Your Leaking Balcony Repairs!

Beware of the tradesman who shows up, talks a good game and then gives you a rough estimate of the job price. The difference between a Quote and an Estimate is that a Quote is binding, an Estimate is not. As well as that be sure to check the credentials of the Work Health and Safety Documentation as well as their insurances and the terms and conditions either on their invoice or referred to on their invoice. Don’t fall prey to loopholes created in terms and conditions that may have been set up to avoid responsibility or liability. Ask our team about these things and receive instant answers on your first call!

leaking balcony repairsIf you have a question, or to request an obligation free assessment, contact us. You will speak with the Directors Andrew or Ryan. We work professionally and passionately to deliver consistent standards; we know each other’s skills and therefore we can serve you with total confidence! To experience the SealRITE service difference, call 1300 123 008 or complete our Contact Request Form. We look forward to speaking with you!