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Don't Pay Thousands for Your Bathroom Renovation!

Ask Us about our Rejuvenation Services - Modern, as New Bathrooms for less!

Did you know the bathroom can be the most used space in your home? And at times no amount of cleaning can improve the appearance of missing & discoloured grout, mouldy silicone or dated & cracked tiles.

Sometimes a makeover is required to restore the beauty & elegance of your tiled area.

We have a range of rejuvination services that will transform your bathroom to as new at the fraction of the cost of a full bathroom renovation.


1. Re-grout and Avoid Bathroom Renovations!

A SealRITE service can repair and replace your cracked, dirty, mouldy and deteriorated grout on shower walls and floors, transforming your tiled area to as new.

Choose the colour of grout and instantly refresh the appearance and add aesthetic value to your bathroom without a full renovation.

2. Renew Seals to Avoid Mould Problems

A SealRITE service can renew silicone seals on the floor perimeter and wall junctions in your highly moisture laden shower.  Repair cracks, mould or sections that may have not been sealed correctly or missed earlier.  We can also repair seals surrounding vanity splash-backs, bath or toilet. 

Renewing seals will also save you from dreaded bathroom renovations.

3. tile Over Tile Services

Refresh your style at a fraction of the cost of a full bathroom renovation.  Modern styles and trends can leave your tiles appearing dated and at times make your bathroom a real eyesore in your home. A Tile Over Tile service can completely transform your bathroom, to a modern, stylish sanctuary without the need to remove tiles or the time and money required for a full renovation.

A comprehensive rejuvination service adds value to your home, creates a strong first impression and avoids the impact of negative property reports. For property owners, a modern as new bathroom attracts more buyers and delivers significant return on investment at a fraction of the cost of full bathroom renovation.